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Tips to get your App Approved!

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2012 02:27PM PDT
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Getting your Apps approved by Apple can be difficult sometimes. Here are some tips for making sure you have the best chance at getting your App approved the first time.

  • Utilize tabs in your app that use iPhone native functionality. Tabs that use native functionality include: Email Photo tab, Messages tab (push notifications), the Home & Contact tab, QR Coupon tab, GPS Coupon tab, Fan Wall tab & the Flexible Counter tab.
  • Apps cannot be soley marketing in nature, meaning the app cannot simply list your services or things your company has done. There must be a useful function to the app.
  • Apple loves "dynamic content" in apps. This means that there is a reason for users to look at the App multiple times after they download it. Ask yourself, "Will someone find the need to open this App more than once?" If not, Apple will disapprove it most likely. There are countless ways to add dynamic content to your app, just be creative with your content!
  • Your App absolutely cannot have any broken links, blank sections or tabs that say "coming soon" or "tba". Just one broken link or blank tab will lead to a rejection by Apple.
  • You cannot mention any other mobile platforms (Android, BlackBerry, etc) within you App or it will be disapproved by Apple immediately.
  • Create multiple useful tabs. We recommend creating an App with atleast 6-10 tabs. Apps with only a few tabs (3-5) will have a very difficult time being approved.

If you are worried your app won't be approved or need help getting it up to speed, please contact us!
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